Cumbia People

And now, as anticipated, I am ready to officially welcome the new name for this project. Cumbia. Cumbia people.

We don’t organize dancing lessons or parties (…for now, in the future, who knows?) but we live and we conceive work as a moving experience, where fun is a must and music is always present (soon available our playlist 😊).

What’s the link between a consulting project that has as a mission to contribute to the workplace revolution, and cumbia?

There is no link, and plenty of links at the same time. Cumbia, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is a southamerican music that I used to dance (and I still dance) in the parties in Uruguay, that I brought with me or better, inside me, during my nomad life (not very digital but very relational).

Cumbia makes me think about how important is celebrating, being together, partying together (also, and specially in the workplace!), because it brings us closer to eachother and because it helps letting judgments behind us. It helps us expressing our real self and open up to our pairs. This transparence is one of the fondamental pillars to create strong relationships and engage a sustainable change. Tell the truth and be yourself. Cheers to #cumbiapeople.

Then, Cumbia also reminds me that if we want to face and solve the diverse and complex challenges that we have in front of us, we have to break the established rules, rethink our creativity and learn how to welcome diversity to turn it into a growth levy. We can begin by accepting that a consulting company is called “Cumbia” and supports us in learning how to dance together. Let #cumbiapeople be born.

Because in the workplace, just as in a cumbia dancefloor, even if each one of us is autonomous and shall be free to express its own style, if we want to succeed together, we must follow a rythm that we choose together and that is clear for everybody. Go #cumbiapeople!

Besides, I smile when thinking about how little chance there is to call a consulting company Cumbia … and I realized that this chance is quite the same as the one for an uruguayan girl, with a diploma in chemistry, to work in the renewable energy sector in Paris for 15 years; meet a sicilian guy and decide to move with him to the sicilian countryside to launch her project... while cultivating their permaculture garden. Chances are close to zero, but still possible! And if it’s possible, it’s worth to try ! Try #cumbiapeople


Finally, Cumbia, as I said, is a southamerican music. It represents my roots, my story, it defines me and it is a part of the things I have always with me and I share with others in my everyday life.

By the way, what’s your Cumbia? Let’s talk about it!


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