Are you wasting time and talent?

In your company things are not looking good. Your team is not motivated, they do not feel engaged and the best people are starting to leave. You are not focused, you fail when sharing your objectives, the strategies you try to re-engage the team are not working and you feel you are not solid enough to grow further.

You are not alone

Impiegato non coinvolto nel lavoro60%

of employees
do not feel engaged
with the work they do

Impiegato non coinvolto nel lavoro19%

of employees feel so frustrated
that they find ways
to sabotage their workplace

Impiegato non coinvolto nel lavoro50%

of the meetings are
considered to be

Impiegato non coinvolto nel lavoro95%*

of a company's employees are unaware
of, or do not understand,
its strategy

... and productivity is falling

Globally more than 7,8 trillion dollars a year
are lost due to poor productivity caused by employee disengagement

and 37 billion due to useless or inefficient meetings*

It's clear that many teams don't enjoy their work!

However, when the job is fun and rewarding, people thrive and companies flourish

Even being aware of this evidence, most of the companies still focus on performance and revenues

Engagement and well being of employees are not a top priority


most of today's organizational
is based on a logic from the last century

In the past, everything seemed certain, predictable, measurable, black or white. Today, our world is complex, interconnected, and always evolving. The context is global. The challenge is not about building stronger walls within our organizations but on making the most of diversity while maximizing fluidity and inclusion.
Companies cannot rise to today’s challenges using tools from the past. It will leave them unprepared. The way we work and organize needs to be urgently reviewed.

There needs to be a RADICAL and PRAGMATIC CHANGE With a holistic approach

Are you ready?

Change starts with you and each member of your team The team is the new leader

A performing team is one where everyone is part of a common project, feels autonomous doing their job, makes the most of their talent, and expresses themself without the fear of being judged

Yes, a new way of working together is possible.

from profit

to purpose & values

from a hierarchical pyramid

to a network of teams

from command and control

to support and trust

from planning

to experimentation

from centralized authority

to distributed authority

from secrecy

to transparency

from job description

to unleashing potentials

It works!

Companies that adopt these good practices:

  • - See an increase in profitability, productivity and client satisfaction
  • - Have lower employee turnover, less absenteism and fewer work accidents
  • - Register a better stock exchange performance
  • - Innovate more*

These people agree

Brice Yharrassarry

CEO Swishfibre

"Having worked with Iamena and her team in the past, I am convinced that using Cumbia would help any manager willing to implement empowerment, no blame culture and collaboration as key principle of management. I have experienced it and it makes a huge difference in terms of performance, innovation and wellbeing of the team."

Benoit Galland

Top executive and Operational Investor

"Who else than Cumbia to support companies during a creative transformation of their organization? Passioned, with multi cultural background and an engineering education, Iamena has excelled in contract management and in team leadership. She has succesfully implemented her vision and her multiple trainings on the multinational team she lead by putting in place a progressive organization. She has always walked the talk and she's deeply convinced of what she does. I am fully convinced that this mix of skills and experiences makes Cumbia perfect to support the design and implementation of modern and pragmatic organizations."

Patrice Lucas

Managing Director Akuo Energy

"Radical people do not need to be radicals. I enjoyed working with Iamena for nearly 10 years, direct, no bullshit, up to the point, getting things done, caring about people and how things are done, while not losing the global view, implementîng her vision to give more empowerment and bring more sense to the people she is embarking with. A truly radical experience!"

Ready for your radical change?

The future is not written. It depends on you

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