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In these times where changing identity, gender or colour are such a tabou....Radical changes its name!
It remains obviously loyal to its roots, and to its radical soul. Never compromise on what really counts!

Naming change: How it comes ?
Answer : it’s not a crisis of meaning, you can be reassured.
Purpose, mission, values, skills, experience and the vast and strong network behind remain. And it’s already a lot.

Change arrives after a group of colleagues contacted me asking to change the name of my project considering both names were much alike and theirs has been recently registered as a trademark. It is an unlikely coïncidence : of timing, ideas and situations. No matter the details, but after research and reflection around the true sense of this project and the way I want to behave, having as compass my values, among which I have integrity, I have decided to transform this request into an opportunity.

First of all, I would not be coherent if I behaved in another way, feeding a conflict with people with whom I share a vision and good intentions. It’s obvious, I like Radical, but its value is not in the name it has or it will have. I’d better spend my time revolutioning the workplace.

Then, because looking for a name that represents the identity of the projects is a nice challenge that enables me to reconnect to its essence.

Also, because I asked for support to a lot of friends (old and new ones) and since the beggining it has been a beautiful experience. Hurra to collaboration ! Boom ! Yes, I’m changing name to my company.

Finally, I realize, with a lot of pleasure, that we are always more people willing to have a positive impact in our society, contributing to the workplace transformation.
So, long life to Radicals! No matter how they are called!

From today we start looking for a new name! Keep tuned!

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